Bulgari DANIEL ROTH large moon phase watch

Most of the rolex replica's monthly microfabrication modules typically consist of two complementary moving parts: the first and the pinion are rotated 24 hours a week, and the moon disc is replica watches uk equipped with 59 teeth to establish a moon phase period of 29 days and 12 hours. Compared with the actual lunar orbit, the cumulative error per month through this structure is 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds. So after 32 months, will be accumulated to a whole day of the error, you must manually adjust. Bvlgari DANIEL ROTH large moon phase replica watches While the astronomical phase of the moon phase display structure (by amateurs called high precision moon phase), the first round and pinion drive a 7-tooth star wheel and a 135-month moon disc, resulting in higher accuracy. The first round of 24 hours a week, the 7-tooth star wheel 7 days to turn, the moon disk rotation cycle is 29 days 12 hours 45 minutes, which is very accurate lunar cycle, the error is only 57.2 seconds per month After the first year, the cumulative time difference is only 11 minutes 26.4 seconds, which means that until more than a century after - 125 only need to manually adjust. Bvlgari DANIEL ROTH large moon phase watch DANIEL ROTH large moon phase watch to achieve this achievement, the dial is a beautiful split layer, the upper half of the white paint, the lower half of the black gold satin, the central location of the layout of the super moon window instructions, deep blue The left side of the dial is the Bulgarian Daniel Roth series of iconic features - three-arm small seconds, three different lengths of gold needle coaxial rotation, just covered respectively Three seconds for 20 seconds. This is also I have seen the most dizzy little second hand display; dial under the right position is the date display disk, pointer display, date number arrangement is very strange, the upper part of the array, the lower part of the inward arrangement, Wonderful points. Bvlgari DANIEL ROTH large moon phase watch Moon phase period and date function is easy to adjust, through the crown on both sides of the slender oval button can be easily adjusted. 46 mm rose gold Oval case slender appearance is very attractive, DANIEL ROTH master design skills Ah. Bvlgari DANIEL ROTH large moon phase watch DANIEL ROTH large moon phase watch built-in 15 Caliber 2300 movement, which is based on Frédéric Piguet 151 manual base movement and then equipped with a unique Daniel Roth function module, the movement is completely hand-polished decoration, and has excellent surface finishing level , Including round the main plywood, plywood chamfer mirror finish, plywood are decorated with Geneva stripes, and polished screw head. With 32 gems, 21600vph and 42 hours of power reserve. Equipped with a Glucydur screw balance wheel, the movement after 5-direction adjustment.

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